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Interactive Overview of APIs

Welcome to the interactive overview of the APIs that are shaping the c-store experience. These APIs are being developed by - a joint project of Conexxus and IFSF.

To explore the APIs, either click your way through the forecourt, store, and full site, or use the blinking arrow buttons at the bottom to navigate through each element available. You can make the graphic full screen or scroll and zoom with your mouse.

We hope this interactive experience brings a clarity to the power of APIs for your organization - as well as for the experiences of your employees and customers. For any questions, please reach out to

To begin, click the present button... then scroll and click around!


Work Product Release to the Public

We have two projects open to the public:

1. API Design Guidelines: These guidelines cover Open Retailing API Design, including guidelines for JSON design, APIs OAS3.0, transport and security. These can be found at

2. API Data Dictionary: The work can be found at
The dictionary is a work in progress. V1.0 has been released to the pubic for consideration. Members of the public are requested to inform us of missing data elements and objects. Requests for corrections, additions, improvements, and clarifications of the existing elements and objects are welcome. All proposed changes will be reviewed by work groups within Conexxus and IFSF, and potentially be accepted into the Data Dictionary. Changes and additions are reviewed to assure consistency throughout the dictionary and to avoid duplications of the same name being used for the identical element or object. Future revisions of the dictionary may be published to the public.

Please send any feedback to

Last updated August 10, 2020


February, 2020 Press Release

Conexxus and International Forecourt Standards Forum Announce Standardized API Initiative,
Creation of Public Repository for Industry Review and Comment

Conexxus and the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF) have announced a joint initiative aimed at creating standardized application programming interfaces (APIs). This standardization will greatly reduce the time to market, development cost and maintenance overhead of digital transformation; it is a key strategy for competing in the increasingly digital landscape of convenience retail.

The API initiative is the result of an intense analysis of how both Conexxus and IFSF can better serve their membership in the face of increasing disruption in our retail segment. The initiative also addresses the need to modernize the data standards framework using modern, proven formats, helping to ensure the industry is synchronized with current technologies.

“We have heard much about the ‘API economy’, and how all sectors of the economy are turning to well-defined APIs to make legacy system relevant in the future, while enabling quick adoption of new business models and innovations that keep a business in-step with rapidly changing consumer needs”, said Gray Taylor, executive director of Conexxus. “By rapidly migrating our Standards focus to APIs, we intend to save the industry millions in development costs, and years in development time.”

The joint effort will not only focus on a complete suite of consumable APIs for its members, but also create a comprehensive data dictionary that clearly defines all of the data elements common in our operations; this common dictionary enables easy sharing of data with partners and faster creation of data lakes for the next phase of business analytics; machine learning and artificial intelligence.

“Many of our members are global in operations, and by providing a well-defined data dictionary and globally applicable APIs together with associated tools e.g. test scripts, we are jointly delivering a powerful toolset that our members can leverage. We are well advanced in our development of the FDC API suite which will be available shortly.” Said Heather Price, the chair of IFSF.

As part of the launch, Conexxus and IFSF have created a collaborative GitLab repository of sample APIs, design documents and relevant data dictionary for interested parties – which can be accessed directly, or via the Conexxus and IFSF websites. While some sections of the site will require a login for access, substantial sections will be available to the public.

Insertion of modern collaborative tools into the standards development process is an exciting and essential part of the API initiative. GitLab is a source content management system supporting more than 100,000 users encompassing enterprises such as IBM, Sony, and NASA. A major focus for GitLab is support for DevOps, an important consideration in the API development area.

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About Conexxus

Conexxus is a non-profit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation and advocacy for the convenience store and petroleum market. Conexxus membership collaborates on key present and future industry challenges and innovations. Our work efforts improve profitability by reducing the cost of IT ownership and improving the competitiveness of our members.

About IFSF

IFSF is a community dedicated to enabling technology standards for the benefit of retailers of automotive fuel and energy. IFSF’s approach is to collaborate with other standards organisations and relevant institutions to achieve common standards for interoperability of forecourt and convenience devices and services. IFSF depends on support from retailers, suppliers and other industry stakeholders who contribute to, and benefit from, shared standards. To date IFSF has set many standards which have been adopted on thousands of forecourts in an ever increasing number of countries world wide.

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